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School Blog or Not

Posted on October 15, 2002 in Blogging

Hence, the goal of this blog is to be a Socratic exploration of the pros and cons of a possible alternate approach. Namely, implementing the new Bryant web presence via weblog software.

Very interesting read from a parent on a school tech committee trying to decide whether or not Web log as school website might not be a better answer. He imagines parents able to subscribe via rss to different weblogs within the school (imagine getting the news and assignments for each of your kids classes each day aggregated into one page or e-mail!), online discussions accross the school community and more.

I love finding thinking like this…his personal observations and thoughts through the Web log teach me about my own thinking. Where could you find this type of content pre-Blogger?
Will Richardson refers to Bill Kearney’s reflections on the pros and cons of using a Weblog format for a school Website. In Why Manila is more than Weblog software I have started to talk a bit about the reasons why Manila offers great flexibility for various educational applications. In my opinion, dynamic Webpublishing and a low cost CMS are a perfect fit for a school site. Sure, a Weblog like format can be build in (maybe on the homepage)… but in most cases it is probably only part of the overall design…